I studied Kinesiology at the IIAP, International Institute of Applied Physiology.

I have been a health Professional my whole career, covered decades as a Registered Nurse, Pediatrics and Midwife. 

I found my way to natural therapies, after my family experienced an extreme trauma. My experience of attempting to cope was so exhausting. 

My Posture became poor, general aches and pains, extreme foot pain when walking,  I felt overwhelm, emotional, and gained weight.

I felt like I could not move forward with my life.

But they were all too general in symptoms for any specific diagnosis.

The stress held in my physical body began to unravel with Bowen therapy.

My Bowen therapist suggested I see her Kinesiologist, when I became an emotional wreck.​ A whole new world of healing evolved for me. 

My head became clearer, and I felt lighter. I came to understand my self better. I started working on what was holding me back subconsciously from 'living in the now'. My physical ailments and energy improved.

Bringing awareness to non beneficial thought patterns, feelings and attitudes, began to transform my life. 

Of course, I became curious to learn how this works so differently to the health industry I came from. I am amazed how well old Eastern healing traditions compliment our current Western medicine. 

I love Kinesiology's wholistic approach to health, encompassing our physical, mental and emotions into one being. I look forward to working with you.

Cheryl Anne Sydenham


Cheryl Anne Sydenham 

Applied Physiology Kinesiologist

Registered Nurse, Midwife