For Your Kinesiology Session
What to wear?

Comfortable clothes, you will be fully dressed for the session, and you will be moving your body.

What to bring?

Your history is important, medication list and medical conditions.

All information provided is private and confidential.



Drink plenty of water before and after a kinesiology session.

I have water available for your visit.

Afterwards, your body needs the water to help eliminate toxins and assist the healing process.


How many appointments do I need?

This depends on the individual and what you choose to explore and improve through kinesiology.

Three appointments would be a good starting point to benefit your healing process.

How will I feel after?

This will vary with what your presenting with, generally you feel lighter and have less pain. The awareness brought to your issue is where the healing continues. Sometimes the toxins released can take some time to move through, a short-term headache may occur.


You may have some homework.

                                             Questions?  Please ask me!